What’s caught my View?

The last couple of days, I think there were quiet a few things happening..notably the hijacking of the Rajdhani express; the huge fire in Rajasthan at the IOC depot very near to Jaipur which is still burning and burning a hole into the company’s finances (Rs 1.4-1.5 billion of oil burnt); BJP stong man from Gujrat, Narendra Modi diagnosed with Swine Flu and if not the least the event to be – the 3rd one dayer today to be played between India and Australia in New Delhi. 

Hey, plan to go home early today.. (unfortunately we are working to compensate for the Maharastra elections off day  🙁 ) and have a pizza day watching the cricket match in the evening.. hope the Indians won’t disappont us with any bad play today.. (albiet they always lose sight after winning a match big!) .. Anways, have a blast guys.. have a gr8 weekend..

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