Will things Change?!!

Are things changing? Well Yes, all the time!.. But whats special about the changes today or these days? Nothing or maybe everything!.. ūüėČ

Well, lots of stuff happening¬†these days; happenings rather than maybe changes.. most of us reading newspapers would have heard about the Madhu Koda, Jharkhand’s Ex-Chief Minister who has been caught recently in the scam related to the Rs4000 Crores¬†that he personally stashed away everywhere in the world.

Rampant¬†corruption, misusing places of power, exploiting country’s natural resources to one’s own benefit rather than the¬† country’s well-being none of these change it seems! Do people change after hearing this? Do mindsets change? Without this amount of corruption wouldn’t our country be much ahead or way¬† ahead in the developing countries block? The people much healthier, wealthier and maybe happier? What greatness or benefit does it yield to store away all this black and corrupt money in Swiss banks or other exotic places to launder money yield?

Would things change? ever? for better? for good of all? Well, let us wait for answers, from the polity, from people in power, from each one of us..will things change?

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