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Peace and Love is one of the poems that I has written way back in 2002, my 2nd year at school (B-School). It was inspired by the tensions in the gulf at the time, I suppose. The same holds for the current day world with some many tensions and wars all around.. maybe there is a better way to look at the world and the people around..isn’t it?

Peace and Love


What is happening to this world?
Why are our peoples going mad?
Why do we kill our own brothers and sisters?
Why do we hate others so much?

What is all this for? What will we get?
More money? More power? or What?
What are we going to do with these,
tomorrow after everyone is dead?
What are we going to take with us,
after we are going to die?

Why don’t we understand,
that love will help us live happily,
and solve our problems peacefully?

Why can’t we love others
and try to solve our problems peacfully?
Why don’t we keep our egos out for a while
and come down to the negotiation table?

I know,we all can do this,at every level.
So,lets all come together,to create a
beautiful and peaceful world thru true love!

Copyright ©2002 Ananth Naag Veera Kaveri



A beautiful poem that I believe I wrote when I was in my 2nd year degree way back in 1998-99. This was for my 1st crush Sonia. A long time back when things were very different.. A simple poem of good wishes from my heart..

Birthday Wishes

From the depths of my heart,
let a greeting come,
though it may not,
be a real gem.

For this year and next to come,
I wish all success and happiness would come.

Let you smile forever,
like a dear little flower,
because your smile made me bloom,
when I was in dark gloom.

so,I make it clear ,
that you are so dear
and that your impression upon my heart,
can never be forgot.

There is a golden ship,
there is a silver ship,
but,what I want is just your friendship.

Ananth Naag Veera Kaveri

Copyright ©2002 Ananth Naag Veera Kaveri


Another of my poems from the 2002 year, maybe this was more towards completing my MBA successfully and getting out with a decent job on hand!


Desire to Win

Burns in our heart,a desire to win,
a desire to get,what we want to.
A desire to change,when something isn’t good.
A desire to know,when something isn’t known.

Burns in our heart,the desire to win,
the desire to prove,that we can do.
The desire to prove,that we are a crew,
never tiring,to go through a blue.

Burns in our heart,the solemn desire,
the desire to win,in every walk of life.
The desire to make,this earth great & bright,
to usher in hope,to those who have to cry.

So,burns in our heart,
this little candle of hope,
which always drives us,to win and hope!!!

Copyright ©2002 Ananth Naag Veera Kaveri


Just a cool poem of mine showing how life moves onto different stages and how life must go on like a train also popularly called the rail/railway.


Chuk-Chuk Rail

Life is a chuk-chuk rail,
on which we all travel!

Starting as a child,
we are our mom’s tail.
As we grow up,
we are our dad’s child.

As a teenage guy,
we are a dog’s tail.
Growing to an adult,
we really have to wail.

First get a job,then get a wife,
then have a child & see to their care.
Life goes on,like a chuk-chuk rail.

As we grow old,our body starts to ail,
nobody even listens,to our painful wail.
Thus the gaily life,becomes pale & pale,
but, our little tail, carries on the rail.
The story goes on, like a chuk-chuk rail!

 Ananth Naag Veera Kaveri

Copyright ©2002 Ananth Naag Veera Kaveri


Another poem that I had written long time ago, maybe in my degree college days is “At the Satavahana”. Satavahana express is a train connecting Vijayawada and Hyderabad. I was on my way from Vijayawada to Hyderabad to write a competitive exam for MBA or so and this was a memorable moment from that period. Hope you enjoy the ‘love’ly poem 😉

Train enroute Araku Valley


Early in the morn, I set-up myself & ran,
to the station, to catch the hyderabad train.
Going to the capital, to write an exam,
confused I was if I could get on.

Nearing the station, bells rang in my heart,
anticipating someone, dear to my heart.
Putting down the luggage, I glanced at the crowd,
halting my sight, at a damsel in black.

Euphoria filled my heart and exited I was,
to see my charming girl, just before my eyes.
But, as I looked at her, she turned away,
and as she looked at me, I turned away.

This went on,till she caught her train
and I followed her, to catch the same train.
Thought to meet her, after she got down,
but couldn’t wait, as she never came down.

Climbing the stairs, I saw her get down,
but, it was too late, as I reached the gate.
Wanting to see her again, was all in vain.
She had to go her way and I had to go my way…

Ananth Naag Veera Kaveri

Copyright ©2000 Ananth Naag Veera Kaveri


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