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200 Crores plus!!


Do you know how much money can a good Hindi film make with just box office collections?? Well you have the answer in the heading of this post — 200 Crores Plus Rupees. That’s almost 2 rupees plus for every Indian!

I was just amazed with an article in Business Standard which came up with the highest box office grossings till date for Hindi films. The topper is of course the latest Amir Khan movie – 3 Idiots! It grossed a whopping 240 Crore Rupees (2.4 Billion Rupees) in the first 10 days of the movie release itself the highest of any Bollywood (Hindi) movies..And this is just the box office collections, think of all the audio and video rights and the other merchandising and stuff..well don’t really know how much this film is going to make totally!

*** Latest Update ‘3 Idiots’ makes 315 Crores in 18-19 Days and is on its way to reach 400 Crore Rupees!

The next film to come closer was Ghajini (again an Amir Khan starrer.. and a remake of a Tamil film) making an overall 225 Crore Rupees! (Well you’ll see a lot more exclamation marks in this post!!!)

On the other side in Hollywood, the top grosser and a record $1.4 Billion being grossed by Avatar from James Cameroon in the first few days or weeks!

Looking at these mind boggling figures, it doesn’t seem to be a bad venture producing or distributing a good film. Now, thats a nice statement, just that there’s been no real formula to create that “Good” film.

But, on a different note, I was just thinking why all this money needs to be made by just a few individuals? Why can’t we have a way for common people to invest in films? Production and distribution..an IPO for film production and distribution? Ahh!! nice idea isn’t it? To an extent, nowadays a good number of movies are being produced by production houses in India as well and since these are owned by public companies, we can, in a roun-about way invest in films. But, I would probably look at a good direct way for people to invest in good films!

The second part of this thought process is that, what if..just what if ..Amir Khan and his team (who have already made a lot of money through many of his other films) say that their entire earnings from this film would go towards a social cause “or” towards a public initiative! I know..I know..a terribly optimistic idea..and I know you’d have a question.. would you do if you were Amir? I would, I guess! Maybe, nobody gave Amir this thought..Why so much of money made from common man cannot ultimately benefit the common man and go into Swiss bank lockers or something like that!

The other thought I had was,  can’t we create a co-operative to produce or distribute some good films? The worst probable difficulty with all this is what in case of losses?? People would have lost more number of crores of rupees with Flops?! But, my point is why not sign Amir khan who has given such massive hits..maybe he’ll be a lot more sensitive with responsibility with Public money.. make him do a film for benefit of a co-operative or IPO public investing in his films. 😉

Anyways, I know this is far fetched, but the whole point which comes to my mind, is that when collectively we can generate so much money for a film, why not for bigger causes? If the administration and governments cannot do or take up a lot of public welfare initiatives, can we m=not as citizens mobilize and generate the money and get our own things done, than wait for these lazy and self-fulfilling politicians? Maybe worth a thought..The obvious question then would be why should we do so, when the most corrupt politicians are stashing away Thousands of Crores of Rupees – Millions or Billions of Dollars in Swiss bank and other non-disclosing bank accounts in Europe! ( and a few other Asian countries – Hong Kong, Macau..). Well, corruption in public offices is such a sinister thing will need a few blog posts from me to talk about…

Anyways, I am overall happy that our films can make such big monies in India and around the world and developing the movies industry and people depending on it..Enjoy the weekend and watch a good film 😉