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Do you have a Social Responsibility plan?

Ever wondered — Do I have  a Social Responsibility plan?

Everyone of us would have heard about a retirement plan, a savings plan, an education plan or mostly an investment plan as soon as one joins a job and starts working. These are very good! Everyone must save or plan for their future..

But something just struck me as I was taking a bath and my mind churning with thoughts.. what I am doing for the society?? Good question! Probably I would have done some donations, very rarely for a paltry amount and that all about it?! No..no..I have always thought about helping people, people in need, maybe helping some poor kids get educated.. like they come up on newspapers after getting through CAT for an MBA or a UPSC exam for district collectors after toiling hard, coming from poorer backgrounds..help create such success stories..by helping kids who want to study..

Maybe another good thought of mine, is providing funds to NGOs plant trees and green up the cities, which we are polluting hard everyday! Maybe another is helping small entreprenuers by becomming their angel investor, helping them start a business and maybe share the fruits as well someday 😉

But all these good thoughts, is it good to have them all in the mind? .. is that all?? Maybe what they say is right, we are pretty good at idea’s but bad implementers..right?

Now, just re-tracting a bit to my opening statement, and comming up with this idea or thought that, why can’t we have a Social Service Plan or even better called – Social Responsibility Plan!  Maybe a mutual fund of Social Welfare Plans?

Wouldn’t it be great if an organisation comes up to us shows us plans from various NGOs/ self help groups working  towards different causes (I know each one has a soft corner for one type of social cause!) and gives us different options for investing (read …investing for the betterment of our communities/ society) for the International level causes and organisations, National Level, State Level and maybe the Community or City level causes..

We just pick and choose th causes and organisations we want to support and how much we want to pledge and what interval and sign it off and that’s it.. monthly an x- amount of funds is deducted from our savings account for these…

We would have an online account to see how our funds have worked, who or what is being supported and we would be able to change our investment options online!! Good idea isn’t it!!

I know its difficult to make time these days to research and do background checks of each company to invest it these days, isn’t it the same for with these NGOs.. the worst fear is that we pour in money for a cause and an NGO and finally see it being eaten away by a few corrupt people in the NGO!

So, I urge for some bigger NGOs to help people come up with a Social Responsibility Plan, where people can really give money to causes of their choice and they have no fear of being conned, have transparent access to data and see how these funds help the cause and have an option to change their plan when necessary..but overall pledge money on a regular basis, month-on-month to the society’s well-being… isn’t that a good idea?!