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City Mayors doing quarterly reporting in india becoming city ceos

One of things that I see in India is really absolutely no updates on city development from the mayors of the cities. The Mayors are elected representatives but they are completely over-shadowed by the political parties on the name of which they win. Any developments for the cities are announced by the chief ministers or the state minister responsible for the various departments of governance.

What I envisage is that the city Mayors along with his councillors conduct their city as a CEO conducts a corporation. Every year the city needs to present and publish its results. The earnings and the expenditure along with debt and other details. Similar to a budget speech, they need to present a program for the city and the development to be undertaken. Media and civil society should get a chance to ask about the various issues and progress of the ongoing projects and activities. This would provide transparency and also give impetus to proper planning and implementation of various projects by the city authorities.

Since, a lot of revenue is being generated by some global cities, their well being needs to be also given due care.

Especially in a country like India which has been having a tremendous boom over the last few decades, a lot more urban planning, green spaces, parks, beautification of residential area, upgrading of slums needs to have a huge focus other than building massive infra projects.

It is essential to have equitable growth and opportunities for different sections of society to have a flourishing city with less crime.

Hope the organisation and execution by the city authorities grows t o a corporate format with quarterly results and yearly appraisals to determine their credit ratings to raise debt or other purposes, so there is also sufficient pressure to ensure proper facilities to the urban citizens across the world!

Father of White Revolution Verghese Kurien passes away at 90

Dr Verghese Kurien, the father of the White Revolution in India and the founder of Amul passed away on Sunday at Nadiad in Gujarat after a brief period of illness. He was 90.

A Padma Vibhushan awardee, Verghese Kurien was the masterbrain behind making India the largest milk producer in the world. He was also the recipient of the World Food Prize and the Magsaysay Award.

Kurien was the architect of Operation Flood – the largest dairy development program in the world. He helped modernise the Anand model of cooperative dairy development.

V Kurien
Today, over 10 million farmers across the country at 200 dairies produce over 20 million litres of milk every day, thanks to Kurien.

Born in Calicut, Kerala on 26 November 1921 he graduated from Loyola college of Madras and did his BE from university of Madras. He then went to US on a government scholarship to earn his Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan university.

He then joined Kaira District Cooperative Milk Producers Union Limited in 1949 which was formed at the initiative of Sardar Vallabhabhai Patel. Patel asked Kurien to help set up a dairy processing plant, and from here, the journey of Amul and Kurien began.

The Amul pattern of co-operative became a success and it was replicated throughout Gujarat. The different dairy unions were later brought under the banner of Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation.

India’s doodhwallah (milkman) Verghese Kurien and his organisation Amul transformed the life of humble cattle farmers throughout the country.

The last rites of Kurien, who is from Kerala, will be performed late Sunday afternoon. He is survived by his wife Molly and his child, Nirmala Kurien.

source: http://www.firstpost.com/india/father-of-white-revolution-v-kurien-passes-away-at-90-448949.html

Dhimsa Dance remix

Dhimsa is a tribal dance of the tribes in the eastern part of andhra pradesh, like Araku Valley near Vizag and the tribal regions of Orissa and Madhya Pradesh.

The dance with its simple rhythm and the earthy colours of the tribal wear focuses on the movement of the dancers without much emphasis on expression or a literary text. Red, yellow and green are the colours the girijans attire themselves in. Movements of the feet and the hands by the group dominate the dance. With an elemental rhythm and animated, quick steps with manoeuvres resembling the darting of a centipede its raw energy captivates one.

One gets the impression that it is the collective performance that matters with each of them complementing the other and merging into a unifying whole.
Dhimsa is performed during festivals, weddings and at the time of the “hunting festival” in April when men and women dance for hours.Noted critic, A. Ramalinga Sastry, traces its origin to the Koraput area of Orissa.

Why are Markets Falling?

Was just watching CNBC TV18 as I am getting ready to come to work and one interesting discussion that came up on TV was about the reasons as to why the markets world over are falling and 3 main reasons being given are:

  • China reducing its stimulus measures which were implemented as part of the recession curtailing measures and debates there on ending the entire stimulus package in China to curtail the excess lending and related concerns.
  • Secondly, the macro economic indicators not showing very great signs in the US. (Jobs, industrial production and ?)
  • Thirdly, the European crisis of Sovereign Ratings declines in economies like Greece and more concerns from other countries in the Euro zone like Spain, Portugal..

This is leading to US investors primarily moving funds out of the ETFs investing in developing countries like India and China as well, spreading around the global falls that we are currently seeing.

One more interesting observation, was about the second largest province in China in terms of exports, increasing the minimum wage and therefore, it seems “increasing concerns of Global Inflation”!! (I can’t believe this though!)

Anyways, will bring in more updates later..

Are we Climate Aware?

Hill in the Swiss

Are we aware of climate change?  What it changes? And are we really doing anything?..

hmm..lets not say.. All is well .. Not all is well!

You can see the hectic parlaying happening across the world before the Copenhagen Climate Summit and the lot of protests going on everywhere, special programs on the impacts of climate change (though not many bring out any direct relation to our lives!) ..so all of it says that ..Not all is well and that if we don’t do anything soon it may all be very bad indeed.

The basic premise of all these climate change talks for us to understand is that the global temperatures are raising and causing what is called “global warming”. The temperatures have increased much faster over the last few decades due to faster industrialization and increase in consumption of various products  across the world.

So, the question maybe whats the big deal?? A few degrees hotter, maybe better for countries in the north..isn’t it? Wrong!! The increase in heat is causing changes to weather patterns, increase in sea levels (so some small islands are drowning!) and overall uncertain weather conditions. These lead to impact on food production with farmers, not knowing when it would rain and wouldn’t rain..

Not only that..another important thing for us to understand is that all major cities in the world, since the beginning of civilizations have been built beside rivers or seas all the way from New York, London to Kolkata (Calcutta), Mumbai and many other world famous cities. There would be a scenario of flooding and drowning of these great cities across the world in future if the sea levels increase or due to natural disasters like the Tsunamis caused due to un-forcastable events arising due to Global Warming!

So, there is a clear and present danger to all our countries and civilizations in the not so long term, maybe a few decades. (The impact is already felt by a lot of smaller Island countries!..Its only that we have been busy consuming all the new products from around the world and forgot to take a note of these 😉 )

So, I hope it is very clear what Climate change and Global Warming can do..and to all of us!

So, the next important focus then is for countries to take measures to decrease the global warming, one of teh main reasons for which is the CO2 emission (and other Green House Gas emissions..which heat up the world!)  from industries. The US has historically been the worst polluters of the world, recently overtaken by China with all the boom in industries there and India ranks 4 I believe. So, the hectic parlaying is interms of Growth of countries Vs. Pollution and Global Warming. Secondly, an issue which the devoloping countries strongly put forward is the subsidizing and sharing of technology to reduce these dangerous gas emissions, which the industrilized world, is not able to give up without much profits!

Now, what can each of us do to help ourselves and our futures generations (our immediate kids and their kids..):

1) Make our environments greener – Have more trees and help with any causes to grow more trees.

2) Lessen Air travel – Air Travel generates a lot more green house gasses and Global warming than trains or other means of transport..so go for train/bus journeys or reduce unnecessary travel.

3) Lessen Automobile Pollution – Share Cars (Car Pooling)  while going out for shopping/office etc. Use public transport like underground/Tubes when possible. Ensure there is more than one while taking a car out 🙂

4) Reduce Unnecessary Consumption – Don’t buy stuff you don’t need and just put in your wardrobe/refrigerator! (Factories cause pollution, spend electricity and generating electricity causes pollution of all kinds!)

5) Save Electricity and Water – Switch of lights, fans and otehr electric equipment when not used. Don’t waste water. (Generating electricty and purification and sourcing of water etc..all create pollution in one way or teh other)

6) Imbibe all the good learning to your children and people around/known – After reading this I am sure you’ll take some steps in the right direction.. please also guide others with the same and help them learn the cost of global warming and climate change!!

Thank you guys..

Cricket ** India – Australia Match 2 at Nagpur

Hey that’s a superb score after the exiting finish on the first match of the tournament. 354 runs in 50 overs is pretty well done. I watched till around 240+ runs at our pantry when we were 4 down and around 36th over. I had a doubt on the score we could make. But I guess we’ve got a wonderful score and are on our way to win this match for sure…  Any other opinions??

Ah, just learnt Dhoni put in a very impressive 124 runs off 107 balls! This boy has got some guts..mate! Good luck at Nagpur it seems..

And finally as expected we won! With such a huge total it is very difficult for any opposition team to sail through easily..but winning with 99 runs was good..