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Software Product for Politicians and Public Personalities!

Just another thought that came up in  my mind, for politicians really interested in public good and would like to have information at their finger tips.

I was watching, Laxmi Talk Show today on Z Telugu and saw the wonderful guest today, Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan or shortly called JP, who heads the Loksatta party in Andhra Pradesh. (That is the party to which I voted this time around in both the state and the central elections!) Anyways, he’s one of the politicians with a real good heart, who left his Doctor education to enter public service (IAS) and later on start up a political party named – Loksatta.

He said a few wonderful things about simplicity, about common sense and that good for others in the longer term being good to us! One striking thing about a way to end corruption he said/meant was through ‘changing the basis’ and through ‘transparency of information’. The example he gave was about getting a telephone line a few years ago, where everyone would have had to bribe to get a phone line faster and today’s world, where even after a call from distant location, a phone line is put in just a day/ few days..no more bribing here!!!! Superb thoughts.. have to hear more from him it seems.. an honest and a true public personality..

Anyways, coming back to the theme of my post here, I was thinking (again while having a shower!) why we don’t think about facilitating easy and on-click access of information to politicians.. maybe build a “Politician Pro” or some software which could help politicians and people in public office access to information at the click of a button!

My idea is a system, where these politicians or public figures can access a database of public information from various government organisations and agencies at the click of a button, to facilitate  fact based debates at the Parliament or the State Assembly.

A system which could have access to a huge database of public information, bungled in with Time Management software, Checklists, Reminders, a Schedule Management option, a issue list with core issues the politician is giving time to, with all the supporting documentation in soft copies, all integrated with a mailing system to exchange mails with party colleagues or others…

Maybe this system would be portable onto hand held computing devices like a Palm or a iphone and which could just be used on the move and at the click of a button! What an idea SirJi?!!

Just a whole host of things to plan, to discuss, supporting data everything available on the move, at the click of a button, wouldn’t that really increase the productivity of our politicians? I think some company should take up this lead (and pay me a royalty for the idea of course! 🙂 )

Rahul Gandhi, are you listening to me??