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Rangabati !!

An excellent song, the original one and the mixed one on Coke Studio which has become a take away hit!

This is the original Odia, Sambalpuri song:

The Remix from Coke Studio here:

The below is a version sung by the great Shankar Mahadevan & Jitendriya Haripal

Ho rangabati re rangabati
Ho rangabati rangabati
Hey rangabati rangabati
Ho rangabati rangabatiRangabati rangabati kanaka lata
Hasi pade kahana katha
Hai go laje laje go laje laje
Eh laje laje go laje lajeHai laje laje nai jauche matha go
Naikara naikara atha
Eh laje laje nai jauche matha go
Naikara naikara athaSapana rajar sapana
Sapana rajar sapana
Ranir lagi suta mali helana guthan
Rangabati rangabatiHai akhin asichhe kete sapana
Eh jibardhan jibar jiban
Gala ratan re.Mane mali mahakana hoMane mali mahakana
Ahha mor dhana kede milana
Chhana chhana hesi mana
Hai kede milana aha mor dhana
Chhana chhana hesi manaDiheen khanji gala sangar sarisa
Tuhu tuhu maane hae suruta
Rangabati rangabati
Hey ranga ranga ranga ranga.
Hey rangabati……

Source: Musixmatch

Song Search on Google..

The next thing Google is coming up after its very successful text and image search is music search!

Not only searching but users can also play the song after searching for it on pop up music players and not only that album art would also be displayed for ease of identification.. isn’t it cool?!!

Warner Music Group Corp., which invested $20million into this venture with Google, benefits with the exposure to the company on each of the music searches on Google.

I think stuff that adds value to consumers is going to be a hit and so be it for Google and its song/music search features..