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Bhaiyya…All is Well!!!!!

Hont Ghuma, seeti baja, seeti baje ke bol bhaiyya… All is Well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just sing, All is Well!! Thats what says this amazing song from 3 Idiots the upcoming movie from Aamir Khan. When I heard Aamir’s interview about this song.. “All is Well” I thought he’s just saying crap as all film heroes talk before their films get released.. but as I was just listening to the song in the middle of the night here, I realize that there is a lot more to this crazy song as Aamir said in the interview..

It is about that paradigm of looking at things.. just giving ourself a pat on the back and say..all is well.. nothing to worry, my friend.. just giving ourself a breather?? maybe encouraging ourself?? well.. saying look ahead my friend..whatever is in our future.. bhaiyya ..all is well!!!!

Well, there have been though times in life and there have been a few phrases which have really helped me pull myself through.. well I think this is one of the phrases, which I would consider is such a phrase…bhaiyya(brother)..all is well!!

I was afraid of  getting a good college to study, getting a job, my future, my sweaty palms n what not… bhaiyya.. what happened?? Haven’t I pulled through??

Will I not pull through the rest of my tougher times? Bhaiyya.. I know.. All is Well and Will be well..

Kick it my friends, any tough times or any junk which happens on the way in life…. just say, I gonna kick them all out of my way.. and what else….All is Well!!!!!!!!!!!!