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City Mayors doing quarterly reporting in india becoming city ceos

One of things that I see in India is really absolutely no updates on city development from the mayors of the cities. The Mayors are elected representatives but they are completely over-shadowed by the political parties on the name of which they win. Any developments for the cities are announced by the chief ministers or the state minister responsible for the various departments of governance.

What I envisage is that the city Mayors along with his councillors conduct their city as a CEO conducts a corporation. Every year the city needs to present and publish its results. The earnings and the expenditure along with debt and other details. Similar to a budget speech, they need to present a program for the city and the development to be undertaken. Media and civil society should get a chance to ask about the various issues and progress of the ongoing projects and activities. This would provide transparency and also give impetus to proper planning and implementation of various projects by the city authorities.

Since, a lot of revenue is being generated by some global cities, their well being needs to be also given due care.

Especially in a country like India which has been having a tremendous boom over the last few decades, a lot more urban planning, green spaces, parks, beautification of residential area, upgrading of slums needs to have a huge focus other than building massive infra projects.

It is essential to have equitable growth and opportunities for different sections of society to have a flourishing city with less crime.

Hope the organisation and execution by the city authorities grows t o a corporate format with quarterly results and yearly appraisals to determine their credit ratings to raise debt or other purposes, so there is also sufficient pressure to ensure proper facilities to the urban citizens across the world!