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Google to be your new 3G/WIMAX provider?

Would google be your neighbourhood 3G/WIMAX Internet service provider?

This could really be true, as per some reports on some top tech and news reports. Google may bid in the upcoming auction for 3G and WIMAX spectrum in India in joint venture with a local venture, as per the telecom regulation here. The regulation allows for up to 74% ownership of such a venture by a foreign firm.

The reason here is again that India has a very low per capita penetration of internet usage and when the new users hop on to the web using their mobile phones or PCs or laptops, google could leverage its already big clout by offering more services other than the ISP business.

Also, according to a report by ASSOCHAM, by 2014 WiMAX subscribers would outnumber 3G subscribers. It is expected to touch 60 million users compared to 20 million for 3G. So, to access the WIMAX space, Google is probably using the 3G license auction as a route.

Whatever the case, its going to be more that more services and google applications would be being available to the end customers in India, including the rural areas which could come as a bane.