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Yahoo Geocities is Closed..

Hey, do you remember Yahoo Geocities? Or were you using it lately? Sorry for some bad news; its closed now.  I remember building my first few Internet pages on Geocities and then moving on to my rediff.com account to create some personalized web pages.

I was doing my MBA some 7 years back when I was using the geocities.. so it took some time for me to recollect what it really was!

There are a lot of alternatives now though which allow you to create custom pages. The bloggers are pretty good at push button publishing, but I think for making some Internet pages, if one couldn’t afford or technologically build up a web site, it was a pretty good alternative.

I believe this is another closure of business from Yahoo after they closed the Yahoo Photos site of theirs. I think adopters of the web in the early 2000’s would have used these sites and would have loved Yahoo for all the bouquet of services they offered! Some nostalgia of course…

Hope not sto see more Yahoo services being closed out.. wish you luck Yahoo.. there needs to be some competitor to Google right?